Pengde Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (ISO9001:2008 Certified) was established in 2004, located in Foshan, China. Specialize in researching and manufacturing high performance standard and custom mold casting polyurethane elastomer products. Moreover, we manufacture some polyurethane products that meet SGS and ROHS material specifications.

Trust us! Our engineering staff have more than 20 years' experience in polyurethane elastomer production.

Advanced Fabrication Facilities:
Mixing & dispensing machines
Vacuum casting vessels
Centrifuges for sheet and fine detail castings
Large oven capacity
Extruders for PU belting & bespoke profiles
Humidity & temperature controlled inspection laboratory
Tensile & compression testing facilities
Injection molding machines for TPU
Pengde products include casting mold polyurethane elastomer (CPU) products and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) products. We also specialize in the prototyping and engineering of many different polyurethane parts.

Cast Molding Products & Recasting Service:
1. Polyurethane sheet, bar, rod, board, wear resistant liner plate, block, pad, wear strip and other parts made of PUR
2. Polyurethane wheel, tire tread and recasting
3. Polyurethane roller, covering and recasting
4. Abrasion resistant polyurethane pipeline and valve lining & liner
5. Polyurethane solvent resistant squeegee, scraper, blade, conveyor belt cleaner
6. Polyurethane drum material for flexible hydraulic seal production
7. Polyurethane die spring, punch stripper, forming die, buffer, bumper
8. Polyurethane gasket, gear, washer, bushing, sleeve, coupling, etc

TPU Extrusion and Injection Compression Molding:
1. Polyurethane V-belt, smooth surface round belt, rough surface round belt, pentagon belt, ridge top belt, super grip belt
2. Extrusion tube, custom made profile blade & wiper and other TPU extrusion sections.

Our customers mainly include internal foreign-funded companies.

Thank you for visiting PengDe! We look forward to meeting your needs with our experience, intelligence and promise.